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Recertification of a re-designed Motor

Neal E Baker | Published on 1/10/2023

On January 7, 2023, the TMT Committee tested and re-certified the re-designed Aerotech O5280X. The motor now uses a one-piece casing/liner combination, has a different assembly process and new assembly instructions.

The total impulse has decreased slightly from 22,463 to 21,384 N.s, the average thrust has increased from 5219 to 5515 N and the burn time has been shortened from 4.305 to 4.026 seconds. The propellant weight has stayed the same, but the loaded weight has increased from 15.74 kg to 16.78 kg, so the case/liner combination has been “beefed up” a little. The redesigned motor is now called the Aerotech O5500X-PS to reflect the changes.


Alan Whitmore, Chair


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