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Tripoli Committees


The volunteer committees serve an important role in the Association. Each of these committees fulfills a different purpose in the community. If you are interested in becoming part of one of the committees and are willing to volunteer some of your time and efforts, we would love to hear from you. Each committee's contact information can be found in the links below.

Class 3 Flight Review Committee  

Rresponsible for reviewing all Member Class 3 flights that are submitted to the FAA AST for approval, as well as any flights projected to reach an altitude of over 100,000', regardless of the total impulse.

Election Committee

Manages the annual election of directors by soliciting candidates and overseeing the balloting process. Their responsibilities include managing the ballot process for electing members of the board of directors.

Gates Scholarship Committee

Responsible for managing the annual application and award process for the scholarship. Duties involve overseeing the application process and selecting the most deserving candidates for the scholarship award.


Insurance Committee

Responsible for managing the insurance arrangements of our organization, including the Members Public Liability policy and any other policies required by the Board of Directors.

IT Committee
Responsible for managing the organization's technology infrastructure, including hardware and software systems, and providing technical support to other committees and members.

Lifetime Members Committee

Responsibilities include identifying candidates who have made significant contributions to the organization, as well as evaluating their eligibility and suitability for the Lifetime Membership designation.

Outreach Committee

The committee plays a critical role in promoting the organization and its activities to the wider community, as well as facilitating mentorship opportunities and providing support for student teams.

Publications/Education Committee

Responsible for publishing high-quality newsletters, research reports, technical documents, and educational materials as directed by the board of directors.

Records Committee

Responsible for overseeing rules and guidelines for Tripoli flight records. The Records program celebrates the remarkable achievements of rocket enthusiasts like you!

Research Committee

Focused on the development of propulsion systems, payloads, electronics, recovery devices, air frame design, and helps to ensure that rocketry remains a safe and responsible activity.

TAP Committee

Provides technical assistance and guidance to Tripoli Members who are designing, constructing, and flying rockets in the high or total impulse M, N, and O ranges and seeking to Certify to Level 3.

TRATech Committee

Responsible for organizing and coordinating the TRA National Technical Convention, which provides members with access to subject matter experts and advanced topics related to high power rocketry.

Tripoli Motor Testing

Responsible for the testing and certification of hobby rocket motors, conducting tests to verify compliance with safety and performance standards, and issuing certification to qualifying motors.

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