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Tripoli Rocketry Association

PLEASE NOTE:  Because of attendance at the Balls 31 Launch, the Tripoli Store will not be shipping any product from September 15 to September 28. Any orders received during that time will ship upon return from the event.  Thank you for your understanding.

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New Motor Certifications January 2023

Alan Whitmore | Published on 1/8/2023
The Tripoli Motor Testing Committee met on December 4, 2022 and January 7, 2023 and certified three new Aerotech motors.
  1. K62N-P. This is a dual-thrust 54mm single-use motor using the Warp9 propellant with a total impulse of 1438.5 N.s and an average thrust of 62.5 N.

  2. J1265ST-14A. A single use 54mm motor made from the Super Thunder propellant with a total impulse of 1072.3 N.s and an average thrust of 1261.1 N.

  3. M2225WS-PS. This is a 75mm reload kit for the 76/5120 hardware. It uses the Super White Lightning propellant and has a total impulse of 5205 N.s and an average thrust of 2239 N.
We also tested the recently re-designed Aerotech O5280X, and as soon as I have reviewed the instructions that will be supplied with that motor, I will make a full notification of that certification.

Alan Whitmore, TMT Chair

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