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New Motor Certifications January 2023

Alan Whitmore | Published on 1/8/2023
The Tripoli Motor Testing Committee met on December 4, 2022 and January 7, 2023 and certified three new Aerotech motors.
  1. K62N-P. This is a dual-thrust 54mm single-use motor using the Warp9 propellant with a total impulse of 1438.5 N.s and an average thrust of 62.5 N.

  2. J1265ST-14A. A single use 54mm motor made from the Super Thunder propellant with a total impulse of 1072.3 N.s and an average thrust of 1261.1 N.

  3. M2225WS-PS. This is a 75mm reload kit for the 76/5120 hardware. It uses the Super White Lightning propellant and has a total impulse of 5205 N.s and an average thrust of 2239 N.
We also tested the recently re-designed Aerotech O5280X, and as soon as I have reviewed the instructions that will be supplied with that motor, I will make a full notification of that certification.

Alan Whitmore, TMT Chair

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