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BALLS 29 Postponed due to COVID-19

Deb Koloms | Published on 7/1/2020
Dear Balls Fliers

With Covid on the rise again, and the uncertainty this brings the, Balls organizers have decided to Cancel Balls 29 this year.

This was an exceedingly difficult decision for us to make but we all unanimously agree that we could not but on a Balls size launch and ensure the safety of all attending. It is our social responsibility to protect all those who attend, and we felt this would not be possible at this time or in the next few months.

We also had financial issues to consider, as deadlines to order and pay for things were rapidly approaching. Even with this being Nevada, we did not feel comfortable gambling with our finances on an event that may not happen.

By canceling now fliers should have ample time to cancel travel reservations and not lose vacation time.

For those of you who have registered, If you want a refund please contact Dave Rose ( the Tripoli Gerlach treasurer. Alternatively, we can transfer your registration to next year’s Balls launch.

Balls 29 is rescheduled to September 24, 25, 26, 2021

We look forward to seeing everyone at Balls in 2021

Stay Safe and healthy

Tripoli Gerlach



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