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PLEASE NOTE:  Because of attendance at the Balls 31 Launch, the Tripoli Store will not be shipping any product from September 15 to September 28. Any orders received during that time will ship upon return from the event.  Thank you for your understanding.

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Threshold for Class 2 Rocket Review

TRA Class 3 Committee | Published on 10/30/2020
The Tripoli Board of Directors has approved a change in policy with respect to high altitude flights. Past policy has been that all FAA Class 2 flights of 50,000 feet AGL and above require a review by the Class 3 Review Committee (C3RC).

The new change increases the threshold for non-complex Class 2 flights from 50,000 feet AGL to 75,000 feet AGL, meaning that single stage, single motor Class 2 flights between 50,000 feet AGL but under 75,000 feet AGL no longer require C3RC review.

Complex Class 2 rockets expected to fly to or above 50k and Class 3 flights must still be reviewed as usual with one significant exception. The KLOUDBusters prefecture has a combined Class 2/3 COA that covers their entire events. For this venue, contact the Launch Director 90 days before the event to ensure that your Class 3 rocket can be flown. Class 3 flights at the Rocket Pasture do not require submission to the C3RC.

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