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2018 Tripoli Board of Directors Election Results

Bill Reilly | Published on 8/1/2018

2018 Board of Directors Election Results Report

Bill Riley, Ken Good, and Robin Meredith    Tripoli Elections Committee 

This year’s election went smoothly. Six candidates generously volunteered their time and experience for three open Board of Director seats. After many years of valuable service to our organization, Dick Embry and Tom Blazanin chose not to run for re-election, retiring from the Board at the end of their terms. Please join me in expressing our sincere appreciation for their many years of valuable service.

This year we had a pool of 4,065 eligible voting members, 87 of which were unable to participate because of having blank or otherwise invalid email addresses. In total, 722 or 18.2% of eligible members participated in this year’s election, very close to last year’s numbers.

As detailed below, Debra Koloms was re-elected, and Gary Dickinson and Christ Short were elected as new directors

Here are the final official results for the 2017 TRA Election:

Electorate: 3,978 
Number of voters: 722     
Percentage Voted: 18%

Results ranked by votes
Rank Name Votes
1 Debra Koloms 540 Elected
2 Gary Dickinson 417 Elected
3 Christopher Short 386 Elected
4 Neal Baker 384
5 Art Applewhite 217
6 Lou Poccia 56

As with last year, some voters opted to select less than three candidates:
Ballots with one selection 58
Ballots with two selections 49
Ballots with three selections 614
Paper ballots during LDRS 1

Issues related to online voting were minimal. Only 16 members requested assistance with the new online voting system. 1 manual ballot was cast during the annual meeting at LDRS.

In Summary
While 18% participation is low, those who did vote are commended for taking the time to review the candidates’ resumes and casting their vote. The results demonstrate that the votes do indeed count. Ultimately what really matters is that we have ample qualified volunteers to shoulder these weighty responsibilities.

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